Taiga Aerial Intelligence collects information that matters.

Our data helps you make critical decisions.

Partnering alongside various industries across North America for decades, we understand the increasing need for data analytics that guide impactful results — results that set you apart in our expanding global economy.

Experts in collaboration on the ground and aerial intelligence from above, we adapt your business problems into a data collection project and empower you with insight. Not just by way of data sets, but strategic recommendations and an analysis you can work with. We help you make decisions that matter.

Our Story

Owned and operated by Tony Ursini — a pilot and Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) himself with over 30 years experience in project management and aerial technologies — Taiga prides itself on being a small team of experts with the tools and experience to make big things happen.

Taiga Air Services has been providing utility helicopter charter, aerial survey, inspection, imaging and thermal scanning services for over 25 years and has established itself as a supplier of choice amongst many of North America’s utilities, infrastructure and transportation and natural resource institutions. Put simply, Taiga provides a strategic range of remote, aerial sensing and geomatics services for its clients, specialized in multi-platform collection with helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

From the technologies and services listed above, Taiga takes a tailored approach to managing clients. The journey begins with an assessment to determine needs and project scope and from there, Taiga works to find data-driven aerial intelligence solutions to achieve new possibilities within a diverse range of environments.

We’re committed to demonstrating the impact aerial intelligence can have on projects of all timelines and budgets. Whether it's to contribute to the strategic suppression of forest fires, assisting with land management and development or monitoring powerline and pipeline integrity, Taiga’s technologies paired with its team of passionate industry experts work in unison to overcome challenges and exceed client expectations.

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Here’s What Sets Taiga Apart

  • Customized Projects

    Each data path is different. We take a tailored approach to the service packages we create for our clients, leading to precise and impactful project outcomes.

  • Data-driven Results

    We’re experts at securing the right data to drive your critical decisions. This means balancing data with insights to achieve results.

  • Industry-leading Technology

    Orthometric cameras, thermal sensors or HD Video payloads mounted on Bell Long Ranger aircraft or UAVs are just some of the tools we use to achieve data-driven solutions.

  • Decades of Experience

    With over 25 years experience in driving results through aerial intelligence, we’re confident we can create a plan aimed at achieving your project goals.

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