Three decades of value and safety in service

Remote Area Access and Support

30 years of reliable, dedicated service will get your team and equipment safely into remote project areas. Our external load and longline expertise will support your program when you get there.

Aerial Inspection and Patrol

Taiga has the experience of thousands of hours, safely carrying out low level detailed corridor inspections and patrols of power lines, pipelines and railways for right-of-way encroachments to damaged equipment, infrastructure and hardware. With custom tablet applications, an inventory of gimbal mounted infrared sensors and HD cameras our Field Services/GIS division maximizes the value, detail and documentation of each patrol.

Surveillance / Enforcement / Search and Rescue

Day/Night mission equipped platforms operated by highly experienced pilots and technicians, a force multiplier for law enforcement agencies.

Fire fighting

Taiga’s multi role helicopters are equal parts intelligence gathering, command and control and suppression/service aircraft; thermal capable and mission equipped with expanded cargo and external load capabilities, all in one platform. Our unique multi-role capabilities are recognized across the many agencies we service in Canada and the USA.
Intelligence when you need it most.
Cockpit tablets updated regularly by our Thermal/GIS technicians with the most current fire line data available, provide command and control personnel unparalleled situational awareness in flight.
Taiga’s Certified Thermal/GIS technicians are invaluable to Incident Management teams and fire line personnel in delivering accurate, actionable data with experience and knowledge.

Motion Pictures

Taiga has a broad filmography of feature films, MOWs, documentaries, sporting events and local productions, performing on both sides of the camera.

Safety. The Bottom Line

Taiga is in it’s third decade of operations, providing safe, reliable helicopter charter services across North America. Our unblemished safety record spanning our entire operating history is the result of an effective and dynamic Safety Management Program integrated into every component of Operations, Maintenance and Administration.

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