The power of ISR for your community.

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On-Demand ISR

Intelligence. Surveillance. Reconnaissance.

In the world of law enforcement and comprehensive situational awareness, having eyes in the sky can make all the difference.

We give you the power of cutting-edge on-demand ISR helicopter services, equipped with advanced night vision technology and designed to provide your agency with an unparalleled advantage in aerial surveillance, rapid response, and public safety.

Enhanced Mobility and Rapid Response

Improved Surveillance and Real-Time Intelligence

Versatile Support for Specialized Operations

The Aerial Advantage

Enhance your agency’s ability to monitor activities and large-scale events, gather real-time intelligence, and detect potential threats – day or night. Sophisticated equipment managed by Taiga’s crew of experienced pilots and payload specialists will enhance your ability to respond to and resolve threats quickly with exceptional clarity and range of vision.

Support for Ground Units

Our on-demand helicopter support enables your agency to respond rapidly to emergencies and pursue suspects with agility. It is proven that one helicopter can support as many as twenty-six ground units within an area of responsibility.

Response Time

When time is critical our helicopters deliver swift response and target acquisition capabilities to be first on scene to hotspots, crime scenes, or incidents requiring immediate attention. Our helicopters can access and survey the area up to ten times faster than road patrols, enabling your agency to respond promptly, while keeping your officers safe.

Better Intelligence,
Surveillance, & Reconnaissance

Enhanced Vantage Point

Helicopters provide a birds-eye view from an elevated position, allowing for a broader and more comprehensive view of the surrounding area. This aerial vantage point allows for law enforcement agencies to gather real-time information, assess the situation more effectively, and make informed decisions – utilizing agency time in the most efficient manner.

Officer Safety

Air support plays a critical role in enhancing officer safety during police operations. Helicopter crews can communicate critical information to officers on the ground, such as the location of suspects, potential threats, or escape routes, helping to mitigate risks and plan effective responses.

Aerial Surveilance

Equipped with specialized sensors and thermal imaging/night vision systems, Taiga helicopters can gather visual and non-visual information from the air. Allowing for law enforcement agencies to monitor large areas, track suspects, locate missing persons, identify potential threats and collect evidence more efficiently.

Public Safety

The presence of helicopters acts as a deterrent to potential crimes, and maintains order in high-crime areas or during public events. Reassurance of a visible police presence from the air fosters a sense of security among the community and aids in building trust between law enforcement agencies and the public. The deterrent remains even after the helicopter is not present.

Taiga’s affordable on-demand ISR service can empower your surveillance capabilities, increase public safety and reduce criminal activity. Our highly trained pilots, payload specialists and cutting-edge surveillance systems are ready to make a difference in your community.

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