Our Sensors

Stark Slice

The Stark Slice is a dual axis, gyro stabilized airborne thermal imaging system with a co-mounted video camera, making it an effective thermal detection system.


  • Medium wave infrared and RGB video
  • Dual axis stabilized gimbal
  • Auto-tracking feature
  • 10 minute install / removal


Our FLIR systems are capable of scanning large areas of land in a single flight, making this camera suitable for monitoring fire extents, detecting hotspots, and conveying data to fire management and ground crews.


  • Medium wave infrared and RGB video
  • Rate stabilized system
  • 10 Minute Install / Removal


The Surveyor is a stabilized camera system that captures high quality video and images for any application in need of point-in-time documentation.


  • RGB video and photos
  • 60fps video
  • 36 megapixel still photos
  • Pan-tilt gimbal
  • Real time viewing


Our X-cam has the capacity to collect thousands of images during one flight, which are used to create orthomosaics, point clouds, and digital elevation models.


  • RGB photos
  • Twin 18 megapixel cameras
  • 0.0043mm pixel size
  • 1/2000 and 1/4000 shutter speeds
  • Internal GPSĀ 

ebee Classic

This fixed-wing autonomous system can be equipped with a variety of individual payloads. Our eBee is typically used for smaller aerial acquisitions across Canada in accordance with our Transport Approved Special Flight OperationsĀ 


  • Customizable sensors
  • 15mm pixel size
  • 50 minute flight time
  • 40-90 km/hr flight speed

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