Image and Data Processing

Orthomosaic Imaging

Our skilled GIS team can provide clients with extremely detailed and well-constructed orthomoasic images with a wide range of applications including:

  • Environmental monitoring
  • Disaster preparation and response
  • Engineering and construction
  • Telecommunications and utilities
  • Agriculture

Digital Elevation Models

Digital elevation models produced from recent aerial imagery provide you with accurate and detailed assessment of current topography. These models are critical for:

  • Infrastructure management
  • Hydrological studies
  • Land change analysis
  • Land-use planning

3D Modelling

3D models, in the visual or thermal spectrum, allow our clients to obtain detailed information about structures to determine if maintenance is needed. Specific uses of this surface include:

  • Powerline inspections
  • Tower inspections
  • Architecture
  • Engineering and construction

Video Layouts

Layouts for our aerial videos are made specifically to meet individual customer needs and standard requirements. Options that are available include:

  • Moving maps
  • Coordinates
  • Branded content
  • And more!

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